Halite was founded by ex-military personnel with a special operations background who teamed up with designers/developers with outdoor, climbing and expedition expertise. 

Working with personnel from leading special operations forces, they have been quietly supplying submersible

bags designed for Maritime Operations for many years.

They strive to make carrying solutions for both the challenges of the modern explorer and the operational warfighter.


As a result their products have been developed with functionality at the forefront, whilst utilising the very best components, in order to ensure they can serve you in the harshest environments on the planet. 

Featured Products

Halite - FENRIS RECON (Blazer)

Halite - FENRIS RECON (Blazer)

Halite - KRAKEN (Slate)

Halite - KRAKEN (Slate)

Out of Stock
Halite - VOID (Blazer)

Halite - VOID (Blazer)


Wingfield's Adventure Ltd

Company Registration Number: 11946396 


Registered Address: 

109, Park Farm Cottages, Friston, Suffolk, IP17 1PA


VAT number: 264 6062 05

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