Hults Bruk was originally founded in 1697 in the Hult Valley in southeastern Sweden. For generations the blacksmiths of the Hults Bruk forge at Östergötland have strived for the very best, relying on skills and traditions passed down through generations. There are very few producers in the world employing blacksmiths with the skills this craft requires. As a result Hults Bruk and Hultafors are famous throughout the World for the quality of their craftsmanship and this is how they are able to offer a Lifetime Warranty on their axe heads.

Take care of your Hultafors axe and it will stay a faithful companion for many years to come. 

Featured Products

Hultafors - Hultån Hatchet

Hultafors - Hultån Hatchet

Hultafors - Ekelund Hunting Axe

Hultafors - Ekelund Hunting Axe

Hultafors - Forsberg Trekkers Little Helper

Hultafors - Forsberg Trekkers Little Helper

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