Moorswood produce exceptional handcrafted Field Rugs from natural fibre materials which will stand the test of time.  

Designed on the Moors and wooded valleys of lowland Dartmoor, it is clear that Moorswood Field Rugs have been born out of their environment and are built for use in all conditions, whatever the season.
We firmly believe in the ‘Use, Reproof, Repair, Recycle’ ethos that Moorswood’s products embody and we love their attention to detail. The hard wearing materials, the earthy colours and the beautifully hand finished leatherwork, mean their Field Rugs are sure to become well worn favourites that will be the perfect addition to your exploring.


All Moorswood products are hand made in the UK from responsibly sourced materials. 

Featured Products

Moorswood - Ramblers Roll - Rainy Bum (No Tweed)


Moorswood - Ramblers Roll - Harris and Moss


Moorswood - Dart Roll Field Rug


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