Often imitated but never matched, National Luna are the benchmark in premium portable, low power refrigeration.

With significant heritage in low-power fluorescent lighting, they were the first company to develop the portable 12V refrigerator as part of a World Health Organisation requirement, who sought a solution for refrigerating vaccines whilst operating in remote areas, where power is at a premium.

As a result of huge investment in their research and development, National Luna now ultimately produce some of the very best portable fridge/freezers on the market, delivering exceptional efficiency and an extremely reliable design. 

They were the first to develop a dual zone fridge/freezer; the first to develop digital temperature control panels… they have many firsts to their name.

In addition to their fridge/freezers, National Luna also produce a range of battery management systems and lighting solutions, all of which are trusted by professionals.


Wingfield's Adventure Ltd

Company Registration Number: 11946396 


Registered Address: 

109, Park Farm Cottages, Friston, Suffolk, IP17 1PA


VAT number: 264 6062 05

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