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Alu-Box - a top-notch storage box

If you’re anything like us the thought of un-organised gear will give you nightmares!

Keeping our kit organised, protecting it from the elements and securely storing it in transit is a priority for us. This not only means that everything can be easily found but that when out in some tough conditions, you have no doubt that your gear will be functional and in one piece!

When considering kit organisation/storage on longer vehicle based trips there are many potential solutions and over the years we have trialled lots of them! From plastic storage containers to crates, each have seemed like a good idea but the reality of traveling with them exposed their flaws and left us looking for an alternative. Fed up with the uninspiring temporary solutions, we wanted a robust, buy-once option that would see us through many years of travel.

After discovering Alu-Boxes we haven’t looked back!

Made in Denmark, these IP54 rated cases provide excellent protection from water and dust ingress, whilst remaining lightweight and easy to handle. They can therefore be exposed on the roof, put in a trailer or pickup, or left out overnight at campsites without concern.

They have an eyelet on each of the catches for padlocks and the handles are sprung so they lay flat on the sides of the case, meaning you avoid that annoying rattle that comes with loose handles.

The cases come in a range of sizes and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are a few of the ways in which we have used ours:

The lower profile 67 litre version is ideal for strapping to a roof rack - on our Defender roof rack we find that two sit well next to each other with enough space in between to ensure they are tied down.

The 60 litre is a great size for a camp kitchen box - we find that we can fit all of our kitchen gear into it (cook pots, plates, bows, utensils etc). Like the others, it also provides a useful working surface for your food preparation too.

The 42 litre is really versatile and is an ideal size for anything from electronics and camera gear to climbing equipment.

These boxes look great, they won't corrode, they are lightweight and extremely durable. They are trusted by professionals world-wide and are truly a “lifetime purchase" that we are sure you are going to love!


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