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Overlander Focus #1

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Hey, Welcome to the very first ’Overlander Focus’!

In this blog I hope to share my love for overland travel, camping and outdoor adventures. I have always had an interest in vehicles and especially those that people have adapted for their adventures and self-sufficient travel.

So, this is the start of a series of interviews with overlanders, where I’ll bring you all the details on their overland rigs, whilst finding out a bit more about them, their camp set-ups and their travels.

This month I got to ask Ty Worthington all about his overland rig, a mighty Defender 130!

Hi Ty, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a long lost American who fell for a beautiful English girl. We’ve now settled in a little village in the Midlands where I do laser cutting and fabrication for all sorts of projects.

We have a lot of love for Defenders here, obviously the 130 is so capable, but what made you choose it?

I fell in love with Defenders because they were so unattainable in America. I’ve always wanted one and now I’ve owned 7. This one is the biggest I could get and I love it.

"I’ve done a little project every month which I still try to do. It all adds up and is way better than going all in at once"

Tell us about the modifications you’ve made?

When I bought it 2 years ago it was bone stock. I got it from some farmers who bought it from new and had just got the engine replaced under the manufacturers warranty. Since then I’ve done a little project every month, which I still try to do. It all adds up and is way better than going all in at once, this way you get to know the car and understand what difference the small changes make. For instance I now know not to buy 37 inch tyres... I go through more wheel bearings than oil!

….any further mods in the pipeline?

Better seats is the only thing that comes to mind.

What would you say is the best thing about your 130?

The smiles it puts on peoples faces. I love the 130, but it’s a pain in every way.

Overland travel, being self sufficient in the outdoors and reaching those wild places is what we live for here at Wingfield’s. Tell us about your camp set up?

I’ve had loads of setups in the last 5 years, but for me I have it dialled in. The iKamper is massive and is perfect for the whole family. The shadow awn is massive and super study. I’m all about ease of use. Quick set up and breakdown. I cook on camp fires and keep stuff cool in my Yeti.

What has been your best trip with your vehicle?

The Isle of Skye is the best, most magical place I’ve ever seen.

Tell us something you never leave home without?

My truck is always packed. I love saying yes to last minute adventures. I have everything all the time. I even have an Anker Nebula portable projector for the slim chance that we want to watch Topgun while camping. Owned it for 18 months and have never used it...

And finally, tell us:

Favourite camp beer/drink?

Coors Light makes me feel at home.

Favourite camp meal to cook?

Pre-prepped stuffed peppers. Cheese and meat in foil that you can literally just throw in the fire and pull out to eat.

What are you listening to?

Foals: Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost.

Shout out to??

@sicox for always pushing me to go further and do more.

Cheers Ty!

Hope you liked the first Overlander Focus, let me know what you think in the comments below!


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