Hultafors - Axe Grinding Stone

Hultafors - Axe Grinding Stone


The Hultafors Axe Grinding Stone is the perfect companion for maintaining the edge of your Hultafors axe or hatchet. 

Designed to sit firmly in the palm of your hand and provide you with a steady grip, its hollowed centre channel aims to protect your fingers from making contact with the edge.

Produced with two different grain sizes for honing the perfect edge on your axe or hatchet - begin with the course side (180 grain size), before switching to the finer side (600 grain size) for finishing your edge to razor sharp. (To make sharpening easier, we would recommend you to grind with water).

The Axe Grinding Stone comes in a leather case to protect your grinding stone, ensuring it serves you for many years to comes - also ensuring that you avoid scratching/wearing away other items in your pack!


  • Weight - 220g

    Diameter - 75mm

    Two sided - Course (180 grit), Fine (600 grit)

    Leather case included


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