Petromax - Dutch Oven - With Feet (6qt)

Petromax - Dutch Oven - With Feet (6qt)


For those adventurers who are not restricted to lightweight cookware, this is the original and best camp cook pot. The dutch oven will quickly become a firm favourite and revolutionise the way you cook at camp. They are extremely versatile as they allow you to cook everything from stews to bread, and even pizza!

They are not just for campfires, they work really well on gas camp stoves and on/in home ovens too. The Petromax Dutch ovens come pre-seasoned and are designed to last a lifetime.


PLEASE NOTE: This version of the FT6 Dutch Oven features feet for standing amongst the coals - as opposed to our other flat bottomed FT6 Dutch Oven (see other items).

  • Capacity max. (ca.): 7.6 l
    Capacity pot (ca.): 6.1 l
    Capacity lid (ca.): 2.5 l
    Weight: 10.1 lbs (9.9 kg)
    Material: Cast iron


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